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about dIANA

I believe that if everyone in the world could get bodywork on a regular basis, that we would live in a different world...

In that ideal world, massage therapy would not be considered a luxury, but rather a fundamental part of a wellness paradigm to support each individual's health and well being..

After 20 years of private and clinical practice in the Portland, OR area, I relocated to the beautiful Weiser River valley in west central Idaho in 2014.


I am extremely grateful for the fact that I still love what I do!  I continue to learn for and from my clients and am honored to be part of the healing team in fulfilling whatever goal each person hopes to achieve.  

I believe that we are each a unique miracle, created in a vast sea of intelligence -- spiritual beings on a human journey .... one that involves challenges with opposing gravity, repetitive motion, poor diet, exposure to toxins, and dealing with a myriad of stresses -- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  My job is to attempt to remove the impediments to the body's natural tendency to be in balance and help each person tune into the 'early warning signs' of distress and imbalance.  In the case of traumatic injury, manual therapy can help speed recovery and increase comfort during the healing process.

Education & Training

Advanced Massage Therapy Program

Graduated with Honors, 1995

Heartwood Institute, Garberville, CA

ONSEN Technique

Portland, OR 1995

Neuromuscular Therapy

Paul St. John Program, Certified 2007

Pinellas Park, FL

Nutritional Therapy Association

Certified NTP 2010

Olympia, WA

I continue to refine and expand my training with ongoing Continuing Education Credentialed courses, seminars, and workshops.

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